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Terms And Condition

    The company Jay Bharat Marketing (a company registered under the companies act, 1956) running the business under the name & style as Jay Bharat Marketing put the terms & conditions with the object of keeping the harmless environment amongst the company and distributors and to protect the interest of each other, as under –

  • The company issues the scratch card having password along with standard called “KIT OF PRODUCT” by charging the price for the same.

  • Any person can submit his application through internet by using password, having contractual capacity and who is resident & citizen of India. Submission of application means:-

    • Applicant has accepted and agreed to abide by all company’s rules, regulation, terms, conditions, marketing plan etc. prevailing at the time of submission of application or any change, addition, alteration, modification etc. made in the rules, regulations, terms, conditions marketing plan etc. by the company from time to time after submission and acceptance of the application.
    • Applicant has fully under stood the company’s framed Jay Bharat Marketing
    • Applicant has not been forced or pressurized by anybody to join Jay Bharat Marketing

  • After acceptance of the application by the company, applicant shall become the ‘DISTRIBUTOR’ of the company for the purpose of selling the company’s product in the framed “JAY BHARAT MARKETING”

  • The company has right to terminate the distributorship work found to be unethical and prejudicial to the interest of the company. The distributor in the company shall or come to an end when he/her himself/herself or any relative (as defined in the companies act, 1956 and or in the income tax act, 1961) of the distributor jon the other company having marketing paln like nature to that of the “JAY BHARAT MARKETING” of this company.

  • A distributor shall act pr shall do work as independent vendor on his own responsibility. All act of the distributor should be consistent with the company’s framed “JAY BHARAT MARKETING”

  • The company shall not be liable to any party for any statement, information, assurance of any other acts or deed given and / or done by the distributor. A distributor shall be liable to reimburse all costs / charges / expenses given and / or / expenses incurred. suffered by the company due to his function, which are inconsistent with the company’s framed “JAY BHARAT MARKETING”

  • Any payment received by the distributor from any person shall not be deemed to be received by the company.

  • Password mentioned on scratch card or charges there after by the distributor, will be treated as authenticated signature for the purpose of submitting any information or any other transaction.
  • Distributor shall not make any false convincing to join the “JBM”  business marketing plan

  • Minimum purchase in terms of value JBM Products prescribed by the company for time to time is compulsory for distributor during the months for which he desire to have the commission credit in his / her account.

  • Company shall pay consideration to the distributor for selling of company’s product as per terms and conditions as laid down in the “JAY BHARAT MARKETING” of the company. The company has system for calculation of the consideration, which is called as “Commission” in the defined manner.

  • Distributor ship shall be granted for 12 months period. The duration of distributorship shall commence from the date of acceptance of application by the company. If distributor desire to extend his distributorship then he will have to submit the prescribed distributor renewal application from before the expiry of distributorship. On acceptance company shall extend the distributorship for another 12 months period.

  • In case of death or lost of contractual capacity of distributor, nominee or legal heir shall become the distributor of the company and he / she shall also abide by all rules, regulations etc. in the same manner as original applicant was being abide.

  • Distributor cannot use JBM brand name without written permission from company. This permission can be withdrawn at any time by the company.

  • Company is at liberty to accept the return of goods or not to accept the return of goods once after supplied and charged price of the product from the person called buyer / distributor.

  • Disputes of any kind between the company & distributor and vice versa shall be subject to Surat (Guj.) Jurisdiction only and shall be settled accordingly.

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